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shyneC. Michael Shyne– DOCA President 2016-2018

Charles Michael Shyne was born in St. Louis, Missouri when his mother, a native of the cold prairies of Saskatchewan, and his father, a Kansas farmer who joined the Navy during WWII, met at the USO in St, Louis and married.

The Shyne family lived in several locations in Missouri and Wisconsin; Michael’s father was a hospital administrator specializing in new hospital construction. But when his mother experienced the warmth of the southwest on a trip to Disneyland in 1956, the family moved to Alamogordo, New Mexico the following year.

Alamogordo’s neighbor at that time was the Air Force Missile Development Center, later to become Holloman Air Force Base. So Michael grew up watching missile launches from the school playground and enjoying jet fighters flying overhead. School field trips to Holloman were a highlight for him.

Michael began college at the University of New Mexico and was a member of its collegiate Sport Parachute Team. After receiving his B.S. in Elementary Education from Arizona State University, he returned to Alamogordo to begin a career in real estate which has lasted 44 years. Most of that time has been spent buying and selling commercial land.

Michael’s lifelong interest in historic firearms, particularly military firearms, led him to be a member of the Board of Directors of the New Mexico Military Institute’s McBride Museum. On that board he met Rogers Aston. One day Rogers gave Michael an application for an organization called “Defense Orientation Conference Association.” Rogers tried to explain this organization, but it did not make sense. Yet Michael filled out the application to join and mailed it in. In the same week in 1994 DOCA was, unbeknownst to him, touring Holloman Air Force Base just six miles from Michael’s office!

Michael’s first DOCA conference was in the spring of 1995 in Brazil. After spending a week receiving briefings throughout this fascinating country, Michael realized the unequaled value DOCA provides to its members. His take away from that first experience was that he could never afford to miss DOCA international conferences.

Since 1994, Michael has attended 75 conferences including 26 international conferences. He has served as Director and Vice President of Region Four as well as Vice President-at-large. Before DOCA, Michael thought he was a knowledgeable American. The experience he has received from DOCA conferences has proved so important that he considers his membership in the Defense Orientation Conference Association his most valuable asset.

Michael has been married to Susan DuBois Shyne for 36 years. Susan has attended 20 DOCA Annual Meetings, possibly more than any other spouse of a DOCA member. And she has enthusiastically taken advantage of the change in the organization allowing spouses to attend other conferences as well.

Michael was the founder of the Alamogordo Foundation, a 501(c)3 charitable organization which provided the first hospice to Alamogordo, run by Susan Shyne, and provided Christmas dinners for senior citizens so they would not be eating alone. The Foundation went on to support New Mexico State University Alamogordo Campus. He was responsible for firearms acquisition while on the Board of Directors of the McBride Museum at the New Mexico Military Institute. He was one of the two founders of the Alamogordo Forum and the original director of its Military Group, a civilian organization working to expand military activities at Holloman Air Force Base and White Sands Army Missile Range. He is a member of the National Firearms Act Trade & Collector’s Association and a life member of the National Rifle Association. He has been a private pilot for 35 years, enjoying the magnificence of New Mexico panoramas from the air.

One of the never-ending benefits of membership in the Defense Orientation Conference Association is the fine group of men and women Michael and Susan have met while attending DOCA conferences throughout the country and around the world.

churchward2016Vicki E. Churchward – DOCA Chairwoman 2016-2018

Vicki Churchward is a Fort Wayne, Indiana native.  She began her career in business at International Harvester/Navistar.  After leaving IH to be a stay at home mom, she reentered the business world when her son began first grade.  During her 42 years as a business professional, she worked as a Court Reporter for Allen Superior Court and Judge Philip R. Thieme, a member of DOCA.  She moved on from there to Essex Group where she entered the field of Human Resources, Training and Labor Relations. Along the way, she earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Management.   Her next employment opportunity was at Colwell General, Inc. where she was promoted to Vice President of Human Resources and Customer Care.  The full-time position she retired from in 2007 was Assistant Vice President of Human Resources for Centennial Wireless, Inc.  She retired again as Vice President of Human Resources for Kodiak Fire and Safety Consulting, Inc. when the business was sold in 2013. She is married to Dan Churchward, Purdue electrical engineer and retired President and CEO of Kodiak Fire and Safety Consulting, Inc.

She volunteers at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art and is a member of the Philharmonic Friends Organization.  She is a former member of the Philharmonic Board of Directors and served as a member of the Board’s Finance Committee.  Vicki has also served as President of both the Summit Club and the Covington Creek Condo Association Boards.   Vicki is currently a member of the Fort Wayne Chapter of The Quest Club.

In 2007, Vicki joined the Defense Orientation Conference Association. Through her membership she has visited and been briefed by senior government officials, Ambassadors and military officers from Fort Leavenworth, Elmendorf AFB, the War College, National Defense University, the Pentagon and the American Embassies in Panama, Italy and France to name a few.  One of the most interesting and controversial tour and briefings were held at the Detention Center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  She has served as Director and then Vice President of Region 5 prior to accepting the position of President and CEO of DOCA.



President – C. Michael Shyne (94)
Executive VP/Chief Operating Officer – Philip W. Grone (17)
Vice President Region I – James J. Moore (00)
Vice President Region II – John F. Caccamo (06)
Vice President Region III – Douglas R. Lempereur (08)
Vice President Region IV – Mark K. Mosley (94)
Vice President Region V – Stephen R. Phillipp (11)
Vice President Region VI – Donald J. Regan (05)
Vice President at Large – Jewel Lee Kenley (99)
Secretary/Treasurer – J. Tucker Marston (83)

Board of Directors

Chairwoman of the Board – Vicki E. Churchward (07)
Immediate Past Chairman – Robert E. Currie (03)
D.G. Bickle (86)
W.A. Briggs, Jr. (95)
P.L. Carter (93)
R.L. Davis (06)
J.E. Finn (96)
W.D. Fletcher (07)
S.A. Glaze (17)
L.J. Guido (13)
G.J.D. Hubert (11)
A. Jackson (14)
R.J. Jans (12)
T.J. Kane (10)
D.J. Kaplan (06)
W.A. Klein (07)
S.R. Lee (08)
C.H. Lien (64)
M.D. Manuel (15)
R.D. McLellan (08)
P. Mickey (15)
D.H. Moorhead (98)
R.P. Mosier (09)
R.J. Pattillo (03)
S.H. Peacock (79)
R.P. Phillipp (14)
E.D. Pilpel (08)
T.R. Roddel (12)
R.J. Smith (99)
J.R. Stahr (95)
J.K. Thompson (81)
J.W. Walder (97)
F.M. Weinberg (95)
J.W. Yundt (11)