Duties and Responsibilities


doca_logo Duties And Responsibilities

  1. Read and understand the DOCA By-Laws.
  2. Fully understands he/she is expected to participate in a DOCA trip or annual meeting within one year after becoming a member.
  3. Physically and financially able to participate in DOCA meetings.
  4. Understand members do not make personal demands (i.e., shopping, tennis, golf, sightseeing, etc.) on the military or diplomatic personnel with whom we are visiting.
  5. Will conform to DOCA dress codes and follow schedules as arranged.
  6. Understands DOCA is not a travel club.
  7. Understands DOCA is not an organization through which to obtain defense contracts or to obtain business with other DOCA members.
  8. Spouses are not considered members and may only attend the Annual Meeting. There are no spouse-only programs.
  9. Promptly pay the annual dues.
  10. Pay for all trip expenses.